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Facts to Understand About the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become an epidemic that has hit the world and several countries have been affected by the coronavirus. Coronavirus has taken the entire world by surprise, and few people understand the virus and the respiratory protection, and without the proper knowledge it becomes hard to prevent yourself from contracting and transmitting the virus. The common name for the virus is coronavirus while other names include COVID-19 and are in the same category as the viruses of the common cold. COVID-19 virus has the capability of mutating, and therefore it can be transmitted from animals to humans, the case was reported in Wuhan city in China. Without the right knowledge about the coronavirus, the virus will remain to be highly infectious and people need to get more information about the coronavirus and respiratory protection just as discussed in the article below.

One of the reasons that make the virus to be spread fast is that it has a high life span and also it is airborne. According to experts in the medical field the virus can stay in the air for up to three hours once the infected person sneezes or coughs. The lifespan of the coronavirus varies and depends on the surface it has landed onto, on stainless and plastic surfaces the virus can stay up to three days. The time is limited if the virus lands copper surfaces where it can last only for four hours while on cardboard the number of hours is twenty four. Now that you know the life span of the virus on the various surface it is vital to understand the symptoms and how to respiratory protection the spread as discussed below.

Because coronavirus and common colds virus are in the same group the symptoms and respiratory protection do not differ a lot. The temperatures of a normal person stand at thirty-six to thirty-seven degrees Celsius, but those infected have high fever as one of the symptoms. An infected person also experiences dry cough and shortness of breath because the lungs are affected by the virus. Other symptoms include persistent chest pains, bluish lips or face, trouble in breathing, and even confusion. Two to fourteen days is the period that the symptoms can take to start showing up after you contract the virus. During those fourteen days you can transmit the virus to other people even though you do not have all the symptoms. Those people with existing health conditions especially the senior citizens can easily contact the virus.

The best and cheapest way of keeping off the virus is ensuring that you are washing your hand with soap and under warm water for twenty seconds. If the soap and water are unavailable you can use hand sanitizers and ensure that the sanitizers have a concentration of around sixty percentage ethanol.